With every project, our goal is to exceed your expectations for both efficiency and design. To ensure that your needs are met, here is our creative process.

One. Listen & Strategize: Client meetings and in-depth research to determine project objectives, define goals, scope, audience, and timelines. I want to understand your needs and vision first.

Two. Conceptualize: We will create initial mockups to determine the design direction and tailor it according to your taste and ideas. Typography and graphic elements will be explored for client feedback.

Three. Design: Once a direction has been decided, we will refine the design and all required elements.

Four. Create: Final design will be fine-tuned and details will be added to make the design ready for final output production.

Five. Delivery of Files: For print or graphic design projects, your final files are promptly delivered in requested formats or sent to printers (ie. Native files, eps, tiff, jpeg, etc).