Bottle Shots on White or Black
Bottle shots are ideal for shopping carts, tasting notes and publication requests.

Note: Background cannot be removed for bottles shot on black as the lighting is different compared to those on white. We recommend bottle shots on white for most purposes. A transparent background can be created for seamless integration with websites.

$109 / per bottle (1 - 3 bottles) ○ $89 / per bottle (4 or more bottles)
For larger quantities please contact us for special rates
Add $20/bottle for screen printed bottles as extra retouching is required

Vintage Removal: $10 per bottle - Ideal for businesses that do not want to reshoot their product every year and whose packaging and label remains the same every vintage.
Transparent Background: $10 per bottle - Delivered as .png files. Cutout background is ideal for websites and shopping carts with a background color allowing the bottle shot to blend in with the environment.

Beauty Shots
Beauty shots are ideal for adding beauty to your website, advertisements and social media.

Beauty shots can range from simple to extravagant. For more information on details and pricing, please contact us directly via email at or by phone 800.844.2080