Saint Anne's Place

by Jeremy Ball

It has been a pleasure to watch these guys progress and gain attention.  They easily won "Battle of the Bands" in Santa Barbara — not by trying to be the next best thing, but by creatively paying homage to influences from the originators of blues and rock.

Their sound is pure — timeless but current.  Their talent is raw and growing.  It was an honor and pleasure to capture their band portrait.

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On February 9th, thirteen teams from Crossfit Ohana traveled to Ventura to participate in the Valentine's Day Massacre. They did not go alone. Fellow members of their box along with family and friends came out to show their support both in the ring and from the sidelines — by far the largest showing of any box there.

The experience was unforgettable. We joined Crossfit Ohana in late July, in search of a lifestyle change. Sitting in a chair all day in front of the computer is not something our bodies were meant to do. Although I was terrified to sign up for this Massacre, the elation and exhaustion we felt that day was unprecedented. Of course Jeremy had to document the experience.

You often hear people say they "drank the Kool Aid," but look at these photos and try to tell me that you don't understand why crossfit is addicting. It's not just a workout, it's about allowing yourself to be pushed to the fringes of what you believe yourself to be physically capable of doing, and then letting your family, your Ohana, push you even further. 

A special thank you to Darren and Caitlin Savella for taking a risk and bringing this to our community.

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