In 2007, Jeremy had the opportunity to travel to Ghana with the Jesse Rohde Foundation. With literally no money in the bank, but in desperate need of a life change, good friends helped him get there. Prior to this time, he only dabbled in photography, but worked extensively behind the scenes in the editing room. When he got back, his life was forever changed. He encountered some of the poorest people on our planet, yet they were some of the happiest he'd ever met. Even when he got back, photography remained a hobby. When I saw these images in 2009, I was completely blown away. As with any new love, I inflated his confidence just enough to re-ignite his passion. Despite the fact that much of his current work is in the vineyard, Jeremy's greatest inspiration is still people. To capture their emotion and to give you a glimpse of their soul is truly what excites him. 

On this Valentine's Day, I must admit that I forever admire Jeremy's passion for life and his ambition to never ever quit doing what he loves despite what our bank might say =)

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