Winery Explorers Logo Design Project

Winery Explorers Logo Design Project

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Jeremy & Michelle! Not only are they super cool and extremely talented, they are above all genuine people. We approached them with a small idea for a logo design and WOW...our vision was brought to life through their creativity. They listened, went the extra mile and way exceeded our expectations! The whole process was incredibly seamless. Looking forward to our next project together!"Winery Explorers

David and Tonya approached us to help them in creating a new logo design for their food and wine blog — Winery Explorers. For years they've enjoyed traveling to great restaurants/wineries/places and shared their experiences with friends and family who encouraged them to finally start a blog. They've been documenting their travels ever since and have created a substantial following.

They contacted us, in part, because we too share a passion for all things food and wine. After getting to know David and Tonya a bit more, we really felt that a more personal approach to the logo would best suit their concept. With brands that sell a product, you're really designing to please their customers and not just the brand.

But with Winery Explorers, they are the brand which made our approach a little different. David and Tonya have worked hard to earn the trust of their readers and share their experiences with them so we thought it would be interesting to explore having the two of them be a part of the logo itself. In addition, we drafted a few "safer" ideas as well with a trifecta that visually reflects food and wine. All of these are what we consider "sketches" or rough ideas to get a feel of direction and style.

After this, they clued us in that they did really like the idea of the silhouette and would like to see a few font variations as well as the silhouette of them together and separate. They also liked the idea of a handwritten font and a distressed look. To further finalize the silhouette, we took a few snapshots of the lovely couple and created a look that was a little closer to them.

David is the photographer and Tonya the writer in the duo. From here, we stylized a few different options that included various font styles and treatments. At this point, we also included color — they preferred a burgundy accent color (click on the images to zoom).

After the second round of sketches, we narrowed down the ideas and focused in on particular fonts and treatments. They also decided they really preferred their silhouette (brandmark) together rather than separated (click on the images to zoom). 

After a deeper discussion on the final designs, they decided they really liked the ink blot font but wanted to see a distressed treatment. Here's the final design David and Tonya chose to use for their Winery Explorers logo:

Kickstarter Project for Dare 2 Dream Farms

Back in June 2013 we decided to get a couple backyard chickens to have our own sustainable protein source. We were shocked to learn that there was a chicken farm in our own backyard. We were even more surprised when we met Megan and Jeremy Raff, the owners of said chicken farm. They were a young, hip couple who had only started raising chickens in 2008 and yet had created a very successful business in our own backyard here in Lompoc, CA.

Since then, we kept in touch with Megan and Jeremy and were extremely honored when they asked us to help them with their Kickstarter project. I don't want to give away all the details, so please check it out when you get time and visit their Kickstarter Page to lend your support.

This was such an exciting project for us and we are thrilled to have been a part of it!

Brewer-Clifton's 3D Vineyard, Harvest 2014

We had the opportunity to capture Brewer-Clifton wines night harvest at 3D Vineyards on August 27, 2014. Their farming team's attention to detail produces absolutely stunning fruit and delicious wines.